Sunday, July 19, 2015

Tour de Fleece 2015: Days 11-14

Yikes! I missed a lot of blog-posting days in there.  NO idea where the time went!

On days 11-13, I finished up the singles of the shetland wool/silk blend from FatCatKnits I was spinning, and plied those up into a squishy Aran-weight 2-ply yarn.

This was the fourth of the 6 braids I had pulled and earmarked for Tour spinning this year.  However, I decided that I wanted to switch things up a bit so.... I went stash diving again, and I came up with one of my oldest stashed roving items, a really dark brown roving shot through with a bit of gray.  This is "Black Coffee" from Nistock Farms and it's just labelled as a mixed breed.  (I suspect maybe cotswold, which is Nistock Farms main sheep breed, and something much softer and bouncier, maybe merino? rambouillet?  something like that?).  At any rate, this is not combed top, which I use much more frequently, but a true roving, and I am challenging myself to spin it using a long draw technique, which I also rarely use, so this is great practice.

I have a total of 5.6 oz of this roving and my plan is to get this spun up before the Tour's end, and then I'll use another 12 or so oz of a mixed BFL top, which I'll spin semi-woolen, to hopefully have enough yardage for a lightweight sweater with stripes at the yoke.  If nothing else, I'll have enough for a vest out of those 2 batches AND have the pleasure of seeing this particular fiber have a purpose in life.

Right now, I've got the first bobbin of singles spun up, which was my day 14 of the Tour.

My plan is to start bobbin #2 this afternoon!

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