Sunday, July 12, 2015

Tour de Fleece 2015: Days 6-8

D and I took a little mini-vacation to ABQ this weekend, so my spinning time was a bit odd.  We headed down to ABQ on Friday, so I took that as my rest day instead of Monday, the 13th.  (I'll spin on Monday instead.)  Thursday p.m., which was day 6, I had finished up the first half of the 5 oz of my Dragons fiber.

I took my wheel and the remaining 2.5 oz of fiber with me, and after my photo shoot Saturday a.m., headed back to the hotel while D was taking a class.  I had a wonderfully relaxed afternoon, where I read a great book on Iceland and spun.

I managed to get all 2.5 oz spun up, so my singles are finished and ready to ply!

Hoping to get at least started on the plying for this tonight, although it may take me 2 days of plying to get this completed.

I did decide to go on to the shetland wool/silk roving from FatCatKnits next, so I'm also going to get that fiber prepped to spin for when I've finished this one up.

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