Friday, July 3, 2015

Spinning Friday: July 3, 2015 - The Pre-Tour Edition

Countdown:  One more day before the Tour de Fleece 2015 starts!  Can you tell I'm excited about it?

You've seen my selection of fibers that I've picked to focus on to try to spin during the Tour.  One thing I've struggled with is that I tend to like to knit with thinner yarns (fingering mostly), but these take a lot longer to spin than worsted-weight ones, so I've decided I'm okay with getting less spun up poundage-wise, but spinning yarns that I know I'll use.

I'm going to start with the 4-oz braid of Mermaids from the Wooly Wonka Mythical Creatures Fiber Club, which is a blend of dyed merino wool and soy.

My plan is to spin this into a 2-ply yarn and use it for a shawl, as I think the soy will make a very pretty, soft and drapey yarn.  While I don't have a specific pattern picked out, I'd like to shoot for a minimum of 450 yards and see how I go - even a bit more yardage would be stellar to give me some pattern choice options.  I've got Kirsten Kapur's Thalia pattern on the possible to-do list that I think would suit this yarn really well if I can get enough yardage from the braid.

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