Sunday, July 26, 2015

Tour De Fleece 2015: Days 19-20

Yesterday, day 20 of the Tour de Fleece was actually my last day of spinning for the Tour this year.  Today (Sunday), I've got an arm's long to-do list, so I won't finish my final spin until probably Tuesday of this week, but here's what I've got:

I had two 4-oz braids of mixed BFL from FatCatKnits in the "Quest" colorway, which is a Dungeons and Dragons themed colorway for a SAL, but I just liked the colors.

I want to use this as a companion colorway to the dark brown/almost black natural roving I spun up a few days ago, for a sweater.  So even tho this commercial combed top and not true roving, I spun it using a modified long-draw to try to keep some loft in it and at least mostly match the feel of the natural-colored handspun.

I was able to get all 8 oz of singles spun up thanks to some focused spinning time yesterday.

I'll be working on plying these this upcoming week, and I'll plan to do a Tour 2015 recap when those are done!  I've had a blast these last 3 weeks tho, and spun FAR more than I thought I would - meeting my goal of spinning at least an hour each of the active Tour days.  Woot!

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