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Stitching Wednesday: 09/06/2017

I've been working mainly on 2 projects over the last week.  I finished up a 6-day rotation on my Star Weaver, and needed to move my frame, so I took the opportunity to grab a current picture of it completely off the bars.

I'm planning on working on this after I finish up my current rotation project, which is my Under the Sea SAL - September clue.  This month we've finally reached the bottom of the piece.  The motif is a super cute sea turtle but also includes some of the sandy bottom of the image.

This is my day 1 progress, and again, I'll be working on this for 6 days and plan to get this clue finished up completely.

For the first 6 days of September, I worked on my Desert Mandala Chatelaine.  I've done all the cross stitching in the center section.  I have a bit of backstitching to do for the coyote and hawk, but otherwise the center piece is done.  I plan to work on the remainder of the floral border in the hope I can get that finished up when this comes back up…

Reading Challenge: September 5, 2017

I finished Jane Austen's England by Roy and Lesley Adams for week #24 - a book with at least 2 authors. Definitely worth a read if you are interested in the time period (late 18th into the early 19th century) in terms of social history.  Some bits and bobs about the wars on the Continent and in Europe with an eye to how they influences certain aspects of society - unemployment, fashion, taxes - but not a military history focus particularly.

I grabbed The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane by Katherine Howe to read for week #5 - a historical fiction.  It is probably some indication of how much I loved this book that I finished it in 3 days.  All the things I like - early Colonial American history, with a contemporary tie-in, lots of history tidbits, a bit of the supernatural, good characters, great plot - I'm highly recommending this one for any of you who might have an interest in the genre.  Also some excellent information about the Salem witchcraft trials tucked into the fict…