Sunday, February 1, 2015


A quiet, at-home weekend here so far.  We had a nice little snowstorm on Friday, with a bit more on Saturday, and woke up to a gray sky and some freezing fog today.  Perfect weather to stay inside with the fire and some hot tea!

I did a lot of knitting this weekend.  I finished up one Sekret Knitting project and got started on two others.  I did a bit of spinning too.

I also finished knitting up a pair of handspun mittens to go into the Mittens for Akkol orphanage donation box.  Aren't these fun?

These should fit a women's small/medium.  I knit these up with a heavy Aran-weight Finn wool handspun, and they are lovely, squishy and warm!  It makes me feel good that I'm using up some personal stash right now, and I've got another pair of mittens earmarked to go on the needles next for some personal knitting.

Today, we don't have any big plans.  After I get done work this morning, I'm planning to make some veggies and dip to have while we watch the SuperBowl, and D will fire up the grill tonight while we enjoy the game!

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