Sunday, February 15, 2015


Another late-spring-like weekend here - beautiful, sunny weather with highs in the mid-60s.  (Yes, I know Northeast - I'm sorry.... I'd send you some of that if I could!).

Yesterday, D and I ran down to Santa Fe to pick up a set of panels to set up and outdoor dog space. He's getting a new puppy in a few weeks, and while the little one won't be able to be outside a lot right now, he wanted to get it set up and ready to go for when she is big enough to start introducing her to it.  There's plenty of space in it for both her and her big sister, Rowan (who, at 30 pounds, will likely only be the "big" sister for a few weeks after the puppy comes home), to hang out in and we set it up where they will have shade from a few of our bigger trees in the summer, but still be able to have a nap in the sun if they want.

I did some dyeing in the afternoon and worked on two deadline knitting pieces in the afternoon before we had a great stay-at-home Valentine's Day dinner together.

Today, my afternoon plans are to pop a stew into the slow cooker, get a bit of spinning done and then have some time this afternoon to spin.  I've been reading The Greyfriar for this week's reading challenge book, and I'm about 75% of the way through it - it's a perfect book to read while I'm spinning as it doesn't require a lot of focus.  More of a mind-candy sort of read, so I find it relaxing to have that going while I spin!

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