Wednesday, February 11, 2015

WIP Wednesday: February 11, 2015.

Sekret Knitting:
  • Socks:  Finished the heel turn on these, and now need to work the gusset and foot.  I'd like to try to get sock #1 done this week.
  • Gradiant Shawl:  I'm through the final increase row on this one.  I've got one more color change to work.  This is on the "finish it up" list for the week for sure.
  • Shawl #2:  Still on hold.
Personal Knitting:

Mittens:  I've finished up one of the pair of mittens (although these really will need a stern blocking. The slip stitch pattern draws them in a lot length-wise).  I'll cast on the second one at some point this week when I need a little quiet project to work on.

I am waffling between a couple of other projects to start.  I can't decide whether a pair of socks is next on the needles, or if I want to work on another pair of mittens - which I'm finding oddly addictive right now.

I did decide that for my Forest-themed fairy-tale group swap, I'm going to create a DIY kit for my swap recipient rather than knit her something.  She's a wonderful knitter and she has a bunch of things in her wish-list that I think I can make her up a fun kit to knit.  A sort of 2-fold gift - to enjoy while she knits it and then when she has the FO to wear and enjoy. 

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