Sunday, February 8, 2015

Weekending: February 7, 2015

Busy weekend at this end - I feel like I've not really had a proper few days off this week with everything that's been going on around here.  I wound up picking up some extra hours at work on what would usually be my days off, and then on Saturday, we spent most of the day in Santa Fe.

D and I made the decision several weeks ago to trade in my 10-year-old 3/4-ton diesel truck.  It seemed silly to continue to put money into it when we no longer needed the hauling power (since we no longer have horses and/or big trailers).  The truck was getting to that age where the little stuff was starting to have issues.  One window sometimes got stuck.  It needed to have the hood repainted after sitting outside in our harsh New Mexico sun.  But I wasn't really sure what I wanted to get to replace it.

I knew I wanted something that I could tow my little trailer with to shows, but that rode nicely on the interstate.  I wound up taking several weeks of online research and several test drives, but I settled on getting a Chevy Traverse.  The one I got has all-wheel drive (which is nice for bad weather up here in the mountains), and I got it with the factory towing package, so I've got a 5200-pound towing capability plus it comes with an additional transmission cooler, which is also really helpful if you are towing a lot in the mountains. But the great part is.... the interior is big enough I can lay my 6-foot grid-wire panels down in the back so I don't have to take the trailer unless we are doing an outdoor show and I also need to take my tent.  Which means I don't have to fight Dallas and Denver traffic and try to find parking spaces with a trailer for two of my 3 spring shows.  Win/win!  I also ordered a roof rack and a Thule roof cargo carrier where I can put overflow if I need too - those I'll get installed on Friday.  (Although frankly, with all the seats laid down, I'm 99% sure I can get everything I need in the interior of the vehicle, but I like to know I've got the space option if I really need it.)

It's been so long (10 years after all!) since I've had a new vehicle, I can hardly believe all the bells and whistles you can get.  It's crazy, really, that you can surf the web in your car.  (I opted not to get wifi.  I'm fairly overwhelmed by the concept of a touch-screen in the dashboard.  And yes, I'm aware that makes me sound about 95 years old.  I'm okay with that.)

Otherwise today, after work, I've got some shop things to get packed up and tidied up for next week, a few errands to run, and then I've got a few hours of knitting planned this afternoon outside since the weather here is gorgeous!  (Hard to beat 63 and sunny when it's February......)

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