Tuesday, September 30, 2014

WIP Wednesday/Stashdown

Still nothing to report on my Mystic Star/stashdown project this week.  I'm racing along trying to finish up a whole bunch of things for the photo shoots I've got scheduled for publication things.

This week, tho, I finished knitting sleeve #2 for one of the Legendary Knits sweater.  I just need to sew that into the armhole and that sweater is done.  I have all but about a third of sleeve #2 done on the final garment for Legendary Knits as well.  That's on the fast-track list to get finished up this week so I can block it.  For the remaining two projects, I am about a third of the way done one accessory, and need to cast on (which I'll do when that first accessory is complete) for the final accessory project.  So right now, the talley there is:

1 garment done; 2 in the final stages.
3 shawls completed of various sizes
1 accessory one-third done
1 accessory not started

I still need to work on the Malabrigo project and one shawl for a different shoot also at the end of October.  Both of those are OTN at this point - I just gotta knit them!

And in the dye studio, I'm working away at two large wholesale orders plus getting ready for the Boerne, Texas, show in early November!  Whew!

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