Friday, September 12, 2014

Spinning Friday: Moonbeams Diamonds and Pearls

I've got a really pretty little spin to share with you this week - delving deep into the stash to grab 2.2 ounces of perfectly blended and carded "Moonbeams" from a club I was in several years ago.

These were hand-carded rovings from Moonwood Farms, consisting of alpaca, milk fiber, tencel, bamboo and just a hint of angelina.  They spun up absolutely perfectly.  (Honestly if every prep was this nice, more people would be handspinners!)

I spun up a bobbin of singles and then wound that off into a center pull ball, and plied from the inside and outside ends of that.

Technical Specs:
Fiber:  2.2 oz of a luxury blend of alpaca, milk fiber, tencel, bamboo and angelina from Moonwood Farm.
Ply: 2 ply.
Weight:  Laceweight.
Yardage: 311 yards.

I have enough of this plied, I think, for a pretty lace cowl or scarf.  While the milky white color of this is really pretty, I'm torn - I think I might wear it more if it were another color.  I'm pretty pale and have a lot of "natural highlights" that are white in my hair, so I tend to avoid white or off-white since I really don't need more of that next to my face!  I'm not sure how it will dye, tho, and this is all I have of it, so I'm hesitant to just toss it in a dye pot.  It's also got some non-typical fibers in it and I'm not sure how all of those will take dye.  I'd hate for it to come out weirdly blotched.

So.... I will likely stash it for a bit to think about it and decide if I'll just put it up for sale, or keep it for myself.  It's lovely and drapey and SO SO soft.  A very enjoyable spin.

In other spinning tidbits, I think I've pulled together the fiber I'd like to spin for Spinzilla.  I'm trying not to bite off more than I can chew for that week, but I do want to try to get as much spun as I can and put some focused spinning time in that week.  I've decided on a several long-in-the-stash fibers, as well as a couple of slightly newer stash.   I'm trying to get a mix of fiber bases and preps, and different indie dyers, to try to keep myself motivated and interested during Spinzilla week.  More on those fibers in the next couple of weeks!  I've gotten signed up for the Spin-Off team again this year, and I'm really looking forward to it!

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