Wednesday, September 10, 2014

WIP Wednesday/Stasbusting

First off, let's have a big WOO and HOO to the fact that I am DONE all the little details on my samples for The Book.  I have all the buttons sew on, things block, labelled, packed and ready to head off to Interweave's offices Thursday a.m., and I have already sent my final draft documents to my editor.  This makes me VERY happy!

I did do a bit of personal knitting this week - let's start there.  I worked a few rounds on my Mystic Star shawl.  I also took my striped handspun socks with me to Salida to work on in the booth, and I knit on those in the car coming home Sunday p.m., and managed to get those completely finished up.

I'm going to be sending these off to the Mittens for Akkol group as part of their 2014 sock drive.  (I've got 2 other pairs done and ready to go.  Not sure I will get another pair knit before the November shipping date deadline, but at least these are finished).

In Sekret Knitting projects, now that I'm done The Book things, I'm shifting my focus to shop-themed designing for a bit, so I'm looking at finishing up three sweaters and a hat for Legendary Knits v3 in order to get that photo shoot done sooner rather than later.  I've got the first sweater started, have the right front and back done, and need to finish up the left front from the armhole up to the shoulders, and then knit the 2 sleeves.  That's my focus for the upcoming week for most of my knitting time.  I need to also get a small project done for Malabrigo, and then I can think about maybe casting on for the hat to get that off my plate, but we'll see how much actual knit-time I've got this week since I'm back to the dye room with a bunch of custom dye orders and prep for a trunk show in Santa Fe on the 20th, and the next fiber festival (in ABQ) on the 27th!

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