Thursday, September 4, 2014

Spinning Friday: The early edition - FatCatKnits and Four Rivers Polwarth

Bringing you this week's Spinning Friday a wee bit early since I've got a vendor's booth to set up in Salida!

In my ongoing stashdown quest, I pulled out two braids of Polwarth to do as a combo spin.  Each braid weighed 4 oz, and had similar, although not completely matchy-matchy colors.

The Four Rivers colorway is in the lower left-hand corner (unnamed color) and the FatCatKnits colorway, Sherwood Forest, is in the upper right.  While they really do look very similar all braided up, the Four Rivers braid had a lot more terracotta and cinnamon brown in it when I actually got to the spinning.

I split each braid in half, and then I split each of those halves into random width, thinner strips of fiber to help break up and mix up the colorways in the final skeins.  I spun each colorway individually into singles (this is Sherwood Forest).

And then, once I had the singles completed, I plied the colorways together.  I wound up with 600 yards of sportweight total.

I love how there are little pops of the bright blues from both colorways all mingled together with the more earthy-tones in the rest of the skeins.

Technical Specs:
Fiber:  4 oz of Polwarth in "Sherwood Forest" from FatCatKnits and 4 oz of Polwarth in unnamed colorway from Four Rivers Fiber.
Ply:  2-ply.
Weight:  Sport.
Yardage:  600 yards.

My grand plan for this.... at some point.... is to use this yardage as the main color for a sweater, with stripes of mostly-solid blue and green, and maybe a warm spice brown in there for contrast.  It'll marinate for a while in stash before I get there, but it felt good to run thru another 8 oz of fiber and turn it into usable yarn!

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