Friday, October 3, 2014

Spinning Friday

Spinzilla starts next week and I'm this close to having all my bobbins cleaned off, but I need to finish plying the final skein of this project:

I am working on an 8-oz combo spin using one ply of a batt from Ginny at FatCatKnits (a 4-oz batt from her "Wayfarer" colorway plus some Corriedale fleece and some silk noil) and one ply from 4 oz of a natural moorit-colored merino from Natchwoolie that's been marinating in stash.

The original batt looked like:

I spun that up into singles:

The merino originally looked like:

(Although I have to admit it actually felt more like a Corriedale to me than a merino.  More kemp and slightly coarse, although it drafted like a dream!)  I spun that up into singles as well: 

I'm now in the process of plying these together and I've got a nice fingering weight 2-ply of the first 4 ounces.  (I need to finish plying the final 4 oz and clean these bobbins off before Monday when Spinzilla starts!).  I should wind up with something like 750 yards, give or take.  

The batt is kind of a Superman batt.  Mild and just a hint of something lurking under the surface until it gets run thru the telephone booth and all the noil comes to the surface.  I didn't want to ply it on itself - I thought that would be too much - but it's creating a lovely tweed yarn with bits of the noil in it when plyed with the plain merino.  

My grand plan for this yarn is a Wandering the Moor shawl, which I've had my eye on for eons.  

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