Monday, October 13, 2014

Spinzilla: The Final Frontier

Spinzilla ended Sunday at midnight.  I was no where close to my goals for spinning, but I did at least get skeins finished and plied, and counted.  (Note to self:  Plan to take a week of vacation if you want to get more spinning done.  Do not take on new job contracts, wholesale orders, anything else.  And don't add on an extra almost 500 miles of driving during the week either.)

My grand total (by my count, not by Spinzilla counting techniques) was only 655 yards of plied yarn.

I had the Woodland Nymph batt, which you saw last week.

I also finished up my "Desert at Midnight" Corriedale from UrbanGypz.

Technical Specs:
Fiber:  4 oz of Corriedale wool top from UrbanGypz.
Ply: 2-ply.
Weight:  Sport(ish).
Yardage: 288.

I am extremely happy that I spun these two fibers up.  They are long-time stash fibers and I enjoyed spinning both of them quite a bit.  No specific plans for either of them at this point.  

I am planning to participate in a Turkey Trot spin through a Ravelry group I'm a member of, so I need to decide on what that's going to be for my next fiber spun.  I was originally going to try to spin two 4-oz braids for a shawl, but now that I've got a bunch of extra contract work on my plate, I think I should try to be realistic and perhaps spin something no more than 4 oz for a smaller project for the holidays.  

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