Wednesday, January 28, 2015

WIP Wednesday: January 28, 2015

Sekret Knitting:

  • For shawl project #1, I'm just over the halfway point on the border.  My plan is to get this finished up this week. 
  • I haven't touched shawl project #2 at all.  I've had a few other things pushed ahead of this in the queue, so I'm putting it in limbo for a bit until I can move through those.
  • I've just cast-on for a pair of summery socks, so those will be my go-to project for a while after shawl #1 is done. 
Personal Knitting:
  • You saw I finished my Hecate Shawl up with Monday's post.
  • I decided on a very basic ribbed-cuff, stockinette hand pair of mittens to knit next.  I'm vaguely using numbers out of the Ann Budd book for these.  I grabbed a skein of handspun out of stash and I'm using that.  (This is a 2-ply Finn that I spun up at the end of 2014).  These are earmarked for more orphan box donations.

I had considered another mittens pattern but I was 99% sure I didn't have enough yardage to complete the mittens using it, so I'm going with a simpler pattern for these.  No particular deadline on these, but they will likely go fairly quickly since it's a pretty plump yarn.

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