Sunday, November 2, 2014


This weekend, I'm happy to say, I finished up the BIG (300+ skeins) order to off to Simply Sock Yarn AND I finished up the dyeing for the Kid N Ewe show this upcoming weekend.  D and I got everything packed into the trailer, so other our personal stuff like clothes and knitting, that's ready to go as well.

Today we are having a kind of threatening rain day, and fall is for sure in the air.  I've been hankering for a new pair of handknit socks for myself, so I grabbed a skein of my squooshy Aerten Sock (merino/nylon/cashmere) and cast on for Rachel Coopey's Dawlish Socks.

This is a very fun pattern - I've been eyeing several of this designer's patterns for a while and I'm thoroughly enjoying this one so far.  (And what a treat to just follow the directions and knit and not worry about taking notes or fussing around with design elements.  Just.Knitting.The.Sock.)  I think they will also make a nice travel project, although I've got a couple of other things in the Sekret Knitting category on the needles as well, so I can rotate between things.

Otherwise today, I've got a few hours to work and we'll toss something into the Crockpot for dinner.

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