Sunday, November 23, 2014


We spent some time this weekend getting the house in final stages for my folks' visit for the Thanksgiving holiday.  Everything is nice and clean, and D added some weatherstripping around the doors since we have moved into winter-like temps for a bit.  We restocked the wood pile in the barn so I can have a fire down in my office space in the woodstove in the mornings, which is such a nice treat.

Today (Sunday), I'm at work for a bit and then my plan is to finish up a wholesale order and then hopefully have some concentrated spinning time.  I'm in the home stretch on spinning my merino/silk singles and I'd love to get those finished (and maybe even plied) in the next few days.

Since I can no longer have anything with gluten or milk/cream in it, and I'm trying to avoid eggs, I'm thinking of trying a batch of this pumpkin mousse to serve (at least for me!) in place of pumpkin pie on Thursday.  I've got all the ingredients on hand and with a little substitution of honey for the maple syrup, it looks perfect.

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