Sunday, November 16, 2014


Crazy weather here - sunny and warm (upper 50s) on Saturday, and we woke up to some snow this morning with predicted temps overnight in the single digits here.  Saturday I puttered around in my studio, worked on some wholesale orders and the final batches of dyeing for the last Heroines club packages for 2014.

Despite the fact it is not really a typical kind of project for me, I've been looking at scrappy blankets recently, and have fallen down the rabbit hole known as The Beekeeper's Quilt.  I had been thinking it'd be a great showcase for all the bits and bobs of hand-dyed scraps I've got from the shop, and while chatting with my buddy, Andi, yesterday, she had the great suggestion to knit up those cute hexipuffs and use as a bunting or garland around the edges of my shop display.  Brilliant!

I'm using just my Ceridwen Sock base, since I've got so many colorways dyed on it.  These little puffs are addictive!  I could have spent all of yesterday parked on the couch knitting these like a crazed Madame DeFarge (although I cut myself off and did not).

Maybe part of the appeal is they are quick to knit up, you get to have fun using just a few yards of something colorful, and then you can move on to the next one?  I don't know - I have no explanation for it, but considering there are over 7700 versions of Beekeeper's on Ravelry, I'm apparently not alone in the addiction.

And it is possible I am going to make myself a full-sized blanket version out of yarns other than just shop scrappies.  Just sayin......

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