Wednesday, August 27, 2014

WIP Wednesday/Stashbusting

This week, I've been focusing mostly on deadline/Sekret Knitting projects, so let's start with those.  I've finished the back and one sleeve for my Twist Collective project, and I'm almost there on the front (we'll call it 5/6ths finished).  That leaves me a sleeve to work on over the next week and the finishing.  I'd love to have this done and off in the post to the TC folks before the Salida Festival, but that might be a bit optimistic.

I added another project to my deadline knitting list, which is a laceweight shawl, so I've put Mystic Star on the back-burner for a bit - no progress on that right now.

Thanks to some waiting room time, however, I have finished the first of the handspun stripey socks and cast on for sock #2.   I'll probably pick these up a bit this week.  They are a great project when I need something mindless for a few rounds and I'm enjoying seeing how the self-striping is progressing!

Tour de Fleece - Week 2

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