Thursday, August 28, 2014

Spinning Friday

I'm going to try to get back in the habit of documenting some spinning.... you know... now that I'm actually spinning again.

I'm working on a combo spin right now of two 4-oz braids of Polwarth.  One is from FatCatKnits in the Sherwood Forest colorway (seen at the upper right-hand corner), and the other is from Four Rivers Fiber (seen at the lower left-hand corner).

I'm spinning these up into a sportweight yarn, and my plan is to (someday.....) use these 8 oz for the main color for a sweater, and then pull in some mostly solid color(s) for a yoke and/or hem and/or cuff patterns. For right now, tho, I'm just enjoying the spin and I'll worry about a specific project once I get it spun up and it marinates a while.

This is the second bobbin of singles from the Four Rivers braid.  Although the braids look very similar next to each other, unspun, the Four Rivers has a lot more terracotta and reds in it than the FatCatKnits braid.

I've already started on the FatCatKnits braid too - I've spun up about 2 oz of singles of that - and will have pics of those for you next week!

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