Wednesday, August 6, 2014

WIP Wednesday/Stashbusting

Kind of a mixed WIP post here - some of which I can show you, and some book things I can't, but here we go....

Last week, I sent off another box of samples to the Interweave offices.  Due to some space concerns, my editor asked if we could jettison one small project, so I'm down to 22 samples and pattern drafts to be done by September 18th.

Right now, I've got the following left to complete:
1 men's sweater:  Sleeves and fronts are done.  Back is OTN as we speak.  (Go Julia!!)
1 women's hoodie:  The body and sleeves are done.  Hood and finishing needs to be finished up.  (Go Susan!!)
1 women's jacket:  One sleeve is done and the body is knit.  I've got about half the second sleeve to knit plus bands.

I have one sample that's completely done for a women's jacket, but I still need to grade that pattern.  (The men's pattern, above, is graded.  The other two still need to be done, but all of the first drafts in a single size are at least written. Whew!)

Now, in personal WIP'ing, I have gone through all of my stash and have gotten everything photographed and in my Ravelry stash, AND I freed up two large and one small storage bin, which feels great!

I also knit a pair of sportweight (aka quick-to-knit) ribbed socks and used up two partial skeins from stash. These are earmarked for the Mittens for Akkol donation box.  (At sportweight, they are also nice and warm and squishy!)

I also dug out some roving from stash to put on the wheel to remind my fingers how to spin, to get in training for Spinzilla in October!  More on that to come!  (Gee, it feels nice to have something fiber-y to be able to talk about in public.)

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