Monday, August 25, 2014


Our weekend weather was absolutely gorgeous.  D and I took advantage of that on Saturday by driving down to the Caja del Rio BLM and National Forest area outside of Santa Fe.  We used to visit this area a lot, since there are tons of riding trails through it, when we were training and conditioning the horses for endurance riding, but haven't really been back there for a couple of years since we got out of the horse business.

Since we've had actual rainfall this summer (and really, it's the first year we've had this kind of comparatively wet summer since we've moved here 6 years ago), there is a ton of plant life we'd never seen before.

This pretty vista is looking west with Montoso Peak in the middle of the shot, and the foreground filled with gorgeous purple and yellow flowers.  This area was filled with hummingbirds stocking up for their trip south - dive-bombing each other in the air and looking threateningly at me when I stepped out of the car to take some photos.  We spent several hours driving around and admiring the views.  

Otherwise, it was a pretty relaxed weekend.  We cooked out on the grill, I did some knitting and some reading, and I spent a bit of time in the studio trying to get a final few batches of skeins dyed so I'm ready to start packing the trailer before we head to Salida for the fiber festival in about 10 days.

Hope your weekend was wonderful as well!

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