Tuesday, April 1, 2014

WIP Wednesday: 04/02/2014

I'm busily working on a lot of projects for The Book as you might guess, especially as my late April deadline is barrelling down on me for the first half of projects to be completed and ready to go to the editors.

I'm working on the last bits of a large sweater/jacket pieces - just the front bands to finish up - and then can tackle the remainder of the grading for the pattern sizes.  I really don't mind knitting to a deadline, but I've learned that I cannot do math to a deadline.  CAN.NOT.  Frankly, I'm not that great on math without the deadline, but adding in the excitement of being rushed causes problems.

Once that piece is done, I'll have one final hat to add to the group, and then I will have the first half of the projects for The Book done!

My plan following that is to tackle two cabled sweaters - one men's/unisex and one women's.  A couple of wonderful friends and awesome knitters have each agreed to take one of the other men's sweaters (which will finish those up), plus one lace shawl and a scarf and pair of mitts.  While it does leave me with a bunch of women's garments to get finished by the third week in September, I am pretty sure I can do that.

So I'm going to just continue working along on getting patterns written and finished samples ready to go!

(I know, a boring WIP update since I have no pics I can share with you, but eventually there will be an avalanche of pretty knits to look at!)

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