Monday, March 31, 2014

Weekending: 03/31/2014

Monday came too early again this week.

I did a few food preparation things over the weekend - including making myself a really delicious berry crisp thing for either breakfast or snacks this week.  It needed a little bit of sweetener for the berries (I used frozen since there isn't much in season right now), but I think for summer fruits it'll be perfect.  A no-flour topping with toasted pecans and unsweetened coconut, and a bit of almond flour and butter to bind it together.  I also made a batch of yogurt for the week, and threw a chicken in the crockpot for broth and some extra to use for lunches.

I put in a lot of hours on my knitting pattern writing this weekend.  I got 3 smaller pieces ready to go to the book editor at the end of next month, and wrote up the pattern for the next small shawl release in my shop's Heroines clubs.  I also put in quite a bit of time working on samples - I've got a project for Jane Austen Knits 2014 that I'm working on that's just about 2/3rds finished, and I am oh-so-close on one big project for The Book as well.

Since I felt like I got a lot of other things accomplished, I allotted myself an hour or so to do something NOT deadline-related (for the first time in what seems like eons).  I've been working on a little quilted wallhanging for the month of January.  And yes, I know it's already the end of March, but that's kind of what my schedule is like these days - It'll be very early to hang up for NEXT January.

It's a new-to-me technique using fused applique with laser-cut pieces.  Pretty easy, pretty fast - comparatively speaking.  You still need to sew around the edges of all the pieces and work the embellishments.  This cute little guy is almost there - I need to add his nose and a band on his hat, plus a snowflake motif up in the upper right-hand corner.  I also need to add in some embroidery on the broom.

The piece has a little pieced pinwheel section that goes on the bottom to finish off the design.  I haven't decided yet what kind of quilting I'll do for it.  Probably fairly minimal and probably machine quilting, as I really would like a fighting chance of finishing this before January 2015.  It was a nice relaxing little break to do some hobby time for me for a change!

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