Thursday, March 13, 2014

Yarnie Goodness

I realized the other day I haven't touched things in my stash in eons.  One of the nice things about having designs go off for publication is the publishers usually provide yarn for the project, which gives me an opportunity to sample things I might not otherwise try.

I had been a fan of Brooklyn Tweed's two yarn lines - Loft and Shelter - but I've been completely enthralled with the Loft fingering weight.  It seems a bit pricey up front, but it's actually got really nice yardage per skein (275 yards) and it's US-sourced, AND you just cannot beat the colors.  They are absolutely gorgeous together.

Granted, this is not the yarn to pick if you want something in neon lime green, but if you are sucker for heathery/tweedy subtly done colors, like me, then I'd recommend it for a lot of different uses.  I just finished up a lacey sweater design from it which came out beautifully. It's light and airy and the perfect extra layer for changeable weather seasons (which in New Mexico is apparently all of them).

It also works great for colorwork, so I was very happy when I was assigned it to work on my next project up in the to-be-knit sample queue.

I need to pick up a set of needles but this project is getting cast on tonight!

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