Monday, March 24, 2014


We had a lovely spring weekend here - so D and I took advantage of that to get some early landscaping and planting done.

We had several clumps of large, overgrown and frankly, not very attractive, shrubs of some kind in an L-shape that ran next to the deck and along where we had pasture panels by the barn.  I'm not sure what they actually were, but they were filled with dead scrappy bits and basically looked half-dead about 9 months out of the year.  D's been working on getting these cut out (several of which took being pulled out with a chain around the stump and the heavy duty 3/4-ton pickup).  We took the last load of those up to the dump this weekend, and spent the better part of a morning cleaning up and leveling the beds we now have.

The shorter end of the L, which is at my feet in the above photo, is eventually going to have a couple of blueberry bushes put in.  (There's also another short bed not seen in this photo just to my right that's slightly raised.  We are going to build this up with a deep raised bed and pop in some asparagus at some point.) The longer part of this L that extends out to the left towards the barn is where we put in three fruit trees: One apple, one sweet cherry and one peach.

We still have a little bit of work to do to finish this up - we've got a bunch of spare railroad ties that we are going to use to create a little berm along the right-hand side of the bed, and then we still need a load of mulch to spread once we do that to help contain moisture and keep the worst of the weeds out) - but this area looks SO much nicer when you pull into our back driveway. And as an added bonus, we'll hopefully have some fruit off these little guys in a few years!

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