Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Since I've moved all my design and shop-related chatting from Wooly Wonka Fibers over to the shop and its new blog capabilities, I'm finding I'm missing having a place to talk about other things going on in my life, so I thought a quick and easy, free blog version wouldn't be a bad thing.  Here 'tis.

If you follow me at all on Facebook or on Ravelry, you'll know I'm currently up to my eyeballs working on a book for Interweave Press, due out in the fall of 2015.  I can't say too much about the details of it yet, but it'll be a knitting book (of course, right?) and it's a mix of men's and women's garments, plus accessories. Unfortunately, that doesn't leave me a lot of things to actually blog about on the crafty front, so I'll have to mention a few other things.

My DH has been busy clearing some very overgrown and not very attractive shrubbery from around the side deck.  I've ordered a few fruit trees and we're going to put those in this spring - they'll be close to the raised veggie beds I put in last year and hopefully will make watering easier.  I had a lot of problems with critters in the veggie beds this year, so I've opted to stick with just the 2 until I see if this year's pest prevention methods work or not.  It's been warm enough here, I'm considering putting in some spinach already.  (Crazy winter weather - we've had virtually none!)

For my reading entertainment in the evenings, I've just started The Bloodletter's Daughter.  It's set right around 1600 in Bohemia, and focused on a local village girl and the illegitimate Don Julio, son of the Hapsburg Roman Emperor, Rudolf II.  Interesting book so far, although I'm only about 60 pages into it.  I'll keep you posted.

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