Tuesday, April 15, 2014

10 on Tuesday: 10 Things I Like to Do Outside

1.  Riding.  I no longer have horses, but there's nothing better than seeing the countryside from the back of an equine friend.
2.  Gardening.  Veggies or flowers - either one makes me happy to be outside.
3.  Walking.  Normally my walking companion, who we still call "the puppy" despite being 8 this year, logs about 4 times the miles I do.  I'm more of a stroller.  She's more of a sprinter.
4.  Spinning.  Gorgeous spring days call for dragging a wheel out onto the deck and taking advantage of the sunshine.
5.  Reading.  Ditto as for #4.  A good book read outside somehow feels more vacation-like to me.
6.  Napping.  Sometimes #5 leads to #6.  A nap in the sun can't be beat for a quick recharge of the batteries. Sunscreen is mandatory, however.
7.  Bird-watching.  My DH was originally an ornithologist.  We logged a lot of time outside watching birds at various points in his career.  I still enjoy doing that.
8.  Picnicking.  Lunch al fresco under a big leafy tree.  My idea of heaven.
9.  Listening to a great band.  Even better if you can do that while picnicking with a bottle of wine.
10.  Watching a sporting event.  Fun, of course, to view games or matches on TV, but sitting in the stands on a crisp fall day is a lot of fun too!

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