Monday, April 28, 2014

Weekending: 04/28/2014

We had a very unsettled weather weekend - tons of wind, and a huge drop in temps (from low 72s) to mid-40s for daytime highs over the 2 days.  We even had a smattering of snow Saturday night into Sunday.  So of course, early Sunday a.m., I had a photo shoot scheduled!  Not a huge deal for those of us not wearing pretty chiffon sundresses, but my model was C.O.L.D.!!!!!  Other that that minor detail, we had a great shoot, got a lot of wonderful pics of two shawls that are upcoming releases for my Heroines Shawl Clubs!

I finished up a wholesale order for the Happy Ewe in Austin, Texas, to ship out today, did a bit of final blocking of finished things for The Book, and worked along on several different projects, from a men's sweater to a couple of shawls.  D and I also watched a couple of movies and I did some reading.

I'm in the midst of a book right now - perhaps half the way through - and not sure whether I will finish it or not.  I have enjoyed other things from the author, but this one... I dunno.... it's not holding my focus as I expected.  I generally finish a book when I start it, no matter what, but... eh.  We'll see how this one shakes out.

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