Monday, April 14, 2014

Weekending: 04/13/2014

The dog girls and Emma and I had a quiet weekend at home together.  D was away having a weekend watching motorcycle racing with some friends, so I took the opportunity to get some chores done (admittedly not my favorite part of the weekend) as well as some knitting.

I caught up on a few BBC things I'd been wanting to watch.  I tried out the series Wallander with Kenneth Branaugh, who I'm a fan of.  Interestingly filmed and definitely well-acted, but I'm not sure if the level of bleakness is something I could watch in a whole batch.  (It's a detective/murder mystery series, set in Sweden.)

I also got a TON of pattern writing done.  Several more things off to the TE for review, and I did some final tidying-up of a couple of the patterns for deadline #1 for The Book.   I cast on for the first project of part 2, and I'm down to just a couple of rows on the neckband and some darning in of ends for my Jane Austen Knits project.

And, I'm happy to announce, a brand-new pattern of mine is out in the Spring/Summer Twist Collective - Belleville.  I have been a fan of TC's design vibe for quite a while, so I was really delighted when they accepted this pretty lace cardigan for publication for this issue.  I knit it in something like 4 days while D drove us back and forth to the fiber festival in Boerne, Texas in November!

My favorite part is the floral vine and ironwork inspired lace back panel!

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