Monday, April 21, 2014

Weekending: 04/20/2014

We got some actual rain this weekend!  Not really rain by east-coast standards but rain where it rained for a good 10 or 15 minutes and actually wet the boards on the deck!  (It wasn't much, but we need every drop right now).  I took advantage of the slightly damper than usual conditions and put my garden plants in.  It's maybe a little bit early for some of them, but we've been having nice sunny days here and I've got some row covers I can put out if we get a final cold snap of the season.   Our local hardware store has the things I usually don't bother starting from seed - basil and tomatoes - but they also had some spinach plants this year, so I grabbed a pack of those and put those in as well.  I've got snap peas, scallions, lettuce, carrots, and some squash in seed form. We'll see how those do with the local varmints.

Otherwise, I mostly puttered around the house.  I finished up the sample I'm knitting for Jane Austen Knits 2014.  That's going in the mail this week.  I started the second half of the projects for The Book and I'm moving along on the current one, which is a men's cabled sweater.  I also did some swatching for new things to go on the needles and got the final formatting done for the first half of the patterns I need to send off to the editor for The Book as well.   I read a bit, watched a chick flick, and hung out with D for some quiet time as well.  Nice!

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