Sunday, March 8, 2015


Whew!  This didn't feel much like a weekend this week.  I wound up working on some freelance copywriting work I do occasionally Friday and Saturday, interspersing that with a ton of dyeing in the studio, plus a photo shoot on Saturday.  While I was working away, D drove to the NW corner of Colorado (about 8 hrs of driving each way) Friday and Saturday to pick up his new puppy.

Here's Lizzie!

She's (obviously) very cute, but even tho she's only 7 weeks, D picked out a pretty strong personality! She's been trying to boss the two older dogs around, and she's absolutely fearless.  Figured out steps already after one hesitant trial and then she was off to the races.  We are getting her into the groove of the schedule here - and D's going to take some time to stay at home the next few mornings and get her onto an established routine.  She's already been pretty good about trying to learn things - she's already figured out her name and she'll come bounding over when she's called.  We are working on the potty-training and keeping her from trying to nip or jump up.  She's been 100% on not having accidents in her crate already - D got up mid-night with her last night and she went right out, found her bathroom spot, and came back in and went back to sleep without just a few token whines - nothing serious.  (OMG - when we brought Rowan home, after the first night when she was exhausted, we had several weeks - WEEKS! - of the screams of the damned coming from her every night, for hours and hours.  Fun times.)

Today while D is on puppy duty, I'm going to run out and pick her up a few other chew toys and things to entertain her.  She's already very fond of her stuffed duck - but it's good to give them some options too.

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