Sunday, June 21, 2015


I think my DH and I are finally both done with travel for a month or so - it's been crazy since about March, with one of us gone almost every week, and not a lot of downtime in between trips.  He flew in from a trip on Saturday, and was home mid-day.  So I worked in my studio on Saturday a.m. for several hours, so I could have the afternoon freed up to spend with him.  

We both are kind of worn-out and tired, so we spent a very quiet afternoon together.  I read and knit while he dozed and read the book he had started on the plane.  

We've been having hot and dry weather for the last few days, so I've been taking advantage of that and getting as much dyed as I can since it dries so quickly.  I've been working on several large wholesale orders, plus my normal club things right now.  This week I'm hoping to get one of the orders completely done and the other one mostly done, as I'm trying to clear my plate off as much as I can so I've got some time to spin during the Tour de Fleece. 

I was able to finish up the upcoming (September) Heroines shawl and get that blocked, and the draft off to my TE for review, and I started on a really bright and fun cowl that'll be a coordinating project for the simple tee I'm working up with a gorgeous Pima cotton.  I'm hoping to get the cowl sample done this afternoon and then I can cast on for the tee to start the week off.  I've wound up with several garment projects to design for this fall, so my plan is to try to focus on those and get one finished up each month between now and October 1st.  The tee is the first one that needs to go out the door for a September deadline (and I'm hoping it will be a fairly quick knit, all things being equal), so I've started with that one.

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