Friday, June 26, 2015

Spinning Friday: June 26, 2015

Next Saturday (July 4th), the Tour de Fleece 2015 kicks off.  If you aren't a spinner, this is a month-long event where spinners spin along with the Tour de France bike race.  Participants are encouraged to challenge themselves with various goals and there are a ton of teams you can participate in if that's your kind of thing.  (I'm in a few - I'm on Team Wooly Wonka obviously, but I'm also on Team Spin Your Stash, which is another Ravelry group I participate in year-round, as well as the Hansen minispinner team.)

This year, I'm going to try to stay focused on my Spin the Bin project, so I went through and earmarked fibers I'd like to try to get spun up during the Tour.

I've also set up a TdF project page if you'd like to see specifics of what each of the above fibers are. This will be quite a bit for me to spin up in a month, but I'm going to do my best to do that.  (And no worries if I do blast through all of these -  have a sweater-sized spin that's earmarked as my next do-to spin so it's not like I'm in danger of running out of fiber.  snort.)

My main goal for this year's Tour is to try to spin an hour each day. If I can sneak in a bit more, great, but if not, that'll give me 21 hours of spin-time in July to focus on these fibers.  My other goal is to HAVE FUN - that's what the Tour is all about and I do want to challenge myself, I'm going to try to not let my normal tendencies run rampant here and just enjoy having some time to spin during the month.

I think I'm going to kick off the tour with the pretty braid in the bottom right-hand corner of the mosiac.  That's the "Mermaids" blended roving from the Wooly Wonka Fiber Club - it's a super soft combination of merino and soy, and I think would be great as a shawl.  (In fact, almost everything I've picked is earmarked for a fingering weight or lighter yarn with the exception possibly of the first roving in the upper left-hand corner - so lots of yardage planned, which may mean not everything gets spun, but I know what I do get finished I'll actually use!).

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