Wednesday, December 3, 2014

WIP Wednesday

A few new things to add and a few things to take off the WIP list this week:

I decided that, while I love the Dawlish socks, I am too distracted by other charted/more complex things I'm working on right now.  I've frogged these and I'm going to knit a more straightforward basic stripey sock with the yarn, that can be a mostly mindless project.  I'm also on the fence about continuing on with the Mystic Star shawl or not.  I'm going to think this one over and decide in the upcoming week.  It may wind up becoming a wide lace scarf or something like that, but I also know (based on some design commitments), I really can only have one "for me" project on the go right now.

With that said..... my current "for me" knit is the Amberwell Shawl.  I took advantage of some time over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend to cast this on.  I've finished thru Chart A and the transitional section here, and I'm ready to get going on Chart B.  I have more yardage than the original called for, so I'm going to work Chart B until I am close to running out of my handspun before calling it quits. I'm really enjoying this one - just the right amount of mindless and paying-attention knitting.

I'm also still knitting those addictive hexipuffs.  I'm knitting maybe one a day, working thru my bag of little scrappy bits and pieces.

On the remainder of my WIP list, I've got Sekret Knitting happening.  I finished up the stole/scarf piece I was working on.  That just needs a good blocking and it's officially done.  I'm working on a casual cardigan right now and I'm just about to the point I'm ready to divide for the armholes.  (I'm working this from the bottom up, seamlessly, so the next step once I get to the armholes will be to get the sleeves knit up.) On deck beyond that, I've got a pair of mitts and a hat for that same collection, and then a long cowl to work on.

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