Friday, December 19, 2014

Spinning Friday: Wooly Wonka Fibers "Sahara" Roving

This past week I had some great spinning time on my new Hansen spinner, and I spun and spun and got all the singles done AND plied the braid of blended roving from the November Wooly Wonka Handspinner's club offering.

The original roving is a 60/35/5 blend of merino wool, baby alpaca and glitter.

 I spun this up into a 2-ply light fingering/heavy laceweight yarn with 416 yards/3.6 oz.

I don't have any specific plans for it... yet.... but I do think I'd like to do something like a scarf or small shawl to wear right up next to my chin as it is very warm and soft, with a lovely drape.  I have a brown suede winter jacket that I think it'd be lovely with.  My second option is to use it with the natural creamy white blend of alpaca/milk/silk/bamboo/glitz I spun up earlier this season in a 2-color project for a slightly larger piece.

Decisions, decisions.....

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