Monday, December 22, 2014

FO: Norie Hat

I finished up my (modified version) Norie hat this weekend!

I knit my version using an orphan skein of Madeline Tosh DK (merino wool) I had in stash in the colorway "Celadon".  I knew casting on I'd likely have to do some creative design tweaking since I was using a yarn with less yardage than the original (and had pirated some of it for a swatch as well).
I wound up only working 2 bands of the cat's paw lace, and I drastically shortened the number of rounds at the top of the crown while working the decrease rounds.  I had just a wee bit of yarn left when I finished it up.

It's definitely not as slouchy as the original, but I actually would wear it myself and consider it a slouch - although this one is slated for my charity box for the Mittens for Akkol kids.

The pattern is a fun one - I highly recommend it - and I got a skein knit up out of stash for charity, so I'm counting this a win/win situation!

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