Sunday, July 13, 2014

Weekending: July 13, 2014

I am stunned to look up and realize we are almost halfway through July already, which is more than halfway through the year.  Whoosh!  It has gone by so fast!

This was a quiet weekend for me, recuperating from a treatment on Friday, so I took advantage of my slug-like impulses and did a lot of knitting.  (I also read a lot, and I owe you several "bookshelf" posts, but will attempt to get caught up with those this week!).

Last year, D was kind enough to help me with the very long drive from here to the Kid N' Ewe festival in Boerne, Texas (near San Antonio).  He was of great help getting the booth set up and also had some non-knitter feedback which was helpful.  One of his suggestions was a simple, single-skein scarf kit good for beginner knitters, or a quick knit for more experienced folks.  I took that idea and have worked up a single-skein scarf in DK weight BFL, which is really quite fun to knit and zipped along fast enough that I finished up the sample this weekend.  That'll be slotted in to the photo shoot at the end of the month for a few other things, and we'll hope for an August release on that one.

I also plugged away on sample projects for The Book.  Right now, out of the three pieces left on my plate to knit, I have about 3/4s of one sweater done, and I just have the bands to knit up for the armholes on the lone vest.  Once those are done (and of course, patterns graded and written and put to bed satisfactorily), I just have the final women's cardigan to finish up!  My goal is to have 2 of these 3 projects completely done by the end of July, and have started the final cardigan with an eye towards the finish line on these.

And since y'all know I am not still for long, I'm getting started on the designs for the final Legendary Knits volume, which I'm hoping to complete and have released in time for the holidays this year!

I hope your weekend is wonderful in whatever way you are enjoying it!

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