Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Ten on Tuesday: 10 Things to Do for Fourth of July

1.  Relax.  First time I've had the holiday off in eons.  We'll be hanging out around the house, sleeping in and enjoying the day!
2.  Cook out.  Perfect day to fire up the grill and make dinner on it!
3.  Make iced tea to sip on all day - nice and cool and great for summertime indoors/outdoors.
4.  Enjoy listening to some music from Boston and/or D.C. from an outdoor concert.
5.  Possibly enjoy the fireworks over Santa Fe and Taos, both of which we can see from our deck.  (Although they are calling for rain and boy we could use it, so I'm actually hoping for rain).
6.  Catch up with family on the phone.
7.  Make a few classics for the grill - like burgers - but I'm thinking also about trying a new dessert recipe since I'm so limited on things I can eat on this new diet and I really miss having something sweet occasionally.
8.  Indulge myself in some uninterrupted reading time on the porch.
9.  Treat ourselves to a few fresh veggies from the garden to spice up dinner one night.
10.  Celebrate being an American!

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