Friday, August 7, 2015

Spinning Friday: August 7, 2015

This past week, I've been spinning up a well-marinated stash braid from Two If By Hand.  The original roving was Shetland wool in the "Whip My Hair" colorway.  I originally thought the braid was just normally handpainted, but when I unbraided it, I realized there were no repeats of the color blocks, so I decided it might work as a gradiant.

I split the 4 oz of roving lengthwise into two equal portions (and had to do a little bit of fudging and pull off some narrow bits to get the two halves to match in terms of weight on my postal scale.)  I then spun each half, end to end, to get long color sections.

I then plied the 2 sets of singles, keeping an eye out to be sure the colors were matching up.  I did have one small section in the very center where one of the greens didn't want to play nicely, so I just broke off the 4 or 5 yards it wasn't matching up and then reattached that single and kept plying.

Technical Specs:
Roving:  4 oz of shetland wool roving from Two If By Hand, colorway "Whip My Hair".
Ply: 2-ply.
Weight:  Sportweight.
Yardage/Weight: 327 yards/4 oz.

This is a FUN yarn.  The colors move from hot pink to gold, to an herby green and then into a dark blue.  I think it'd be perfect for a cowl or maybe a small crescent shawl to really show off the colors!

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