WIP Wednesday: May 27, 2015

This week's WIP line-up:

Sekret Knitting:
  • Colorwork cowl is done!  I need to get the draft off to my TE and send it for a test knit, but the sample is finished. 
  • Now I can focus more exclusively on my project for Spirit Trail Fibers.  I'm actually thinking of including this piece along with a few others in a winter Steampunk collection, but mulling over the details of that currently. 
Personal Knitting:
Working on my simple 2x2 ribbed socks.  I finished the first sock and cast on for #2 while I was vending.  While these aren't really my colors, they are very fun and I think will be a great donation pair.  I'm going to toss these into my bag as well to take with me to the TNNA conference this weekend in Columbus.

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