Friday, May 15, 2015

Spinning Friday: May 15, 2015

This week, I've been spinning a pretty 4-oz braid of BFL from Two If By Hand in the "Single Girl, Married Family" colorway.  The original braid looked like:

I divided the braid in half, and then split each half into 6 mostly equal sections.  I've gotten the singles spun up:

I have no real explanation for why these 2 bobbins appear to be so vastly different - they really are from the same braid!  We'll see what shakes out when they are plied together.  One of the fun surprises with handspun when you spin without a plan!

I'm also getting geared up for the Tour de Fleece which kicks off in July.  Anyone else planning on spinning with the Tour this year?  (And keeping my fingers crossed I will actually have some downtime that month.  I have no shows or travel booked, but I seem to keep having work pop up to fill my schedule I wasn't counting on......)

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