Wednesday, May 13, 2015

WIP Wednesday: May 13, 2015

Here's what's going on this week with my WIPs:

Sekret Knitting:

  • Finished up the next Heroines shawl sample.  I'm finalizing the draft and then that can go to my TE and my tester.  Woot!
  • I've picked up the colorwork cowl again and that'll be my focus project for this week.  I'd like to get it finished before the 29th, so I can take it along with me to TNNA to show The Yarn Guys (who I'm knitting it up for as a kit).
  • My next deadline project is a sweater for Jen of Spirit Trail Fibers to take to Rhinebeck, so I'll likely try to get some focused work done on the first sleeve this upcoming week as well. 
Personal Knitting: 

I finished up the Dustland Hat this week, using up my entire skein of handspun Corriedale.  I wound up making some "artistic changes" to the stitch pattern - one set due to the influence of a glass of wine and low sleep one night, and a few in the decrease rounds as I was worried about running out of yarn (and it was close, so I'm glad I did a few less rounds of garter stitch.)

This is a very straightforward, easy pattern and a great stashbuster.  I like the matching mitts too - I might make those at some point.  This hat, however, is slated for the Mittens for Akkol donation bin.

I am going to try to knit along with Kirsten Kapur's Through the Loops mystery shawl in June, so I'm thinking about possible yarn choices for that one as well. I'm leaning towards either a set of neutrals in handspun or possibly Arianrhod Sock in foresty colors from the shop. 

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