Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Ten on Tuesday: Top 10 Summer Drinks

Today's 10 on Tuesday is my Top 10 Summer Drinks

1.  Iced tea:  I'm totally groovin' on a watermelon/mint iced tea blend from the Republic of Tea.
2.  Smoothies:  I wind up having one for breakfast even in the colder days of winter, but frozen fruit blended up in the morning sure tastes good in the hot weather.
3.  White wine:  Lighter wines are my choice for the summer.  I like slightly fruitier ones to go with summertime grilling.
4.  Spritzers:  Half and half sparkling water and fruit juice over ice = very refreshing!
5.  Nice cold water with lots of ice.

I'm stopping at 5 today.  Almost everything I love for summer drinks has either sugar or some kind of thing I can't drink in it (like Coca-Cola, Beergaritas, and Mai Tais, for instance).  Boring, I know!

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