Tuesday, June 17, 2014

10 on Tuesday: Top 10 movies to watch again and again.

1.  Pride and Prejudice.  The Keira Knightley/Matthew MacFadyen version.  That scene of Mr. Darcy walking across the field with the sun coming up behind him - oof.
2.  Always.  John Goodman, Holly Hunter, Richard Dreyfuss.  I cry at the end every time.
3.  The Black Stallion.  A kid and his horse who win against the odds - how could I not love that one?
4.  It Happened One Night.  Claudette Colbert and Clark Gable.  Witty, clever, funny.  I adore this film.
5. The Three Musketeers.  With Michael York, Oliver Reed, Faye Dunaway, Richard Chamberlain.  A fun and funny entertainment.  Kind of hard to not enjoy this with the amazing cast!
6. Gone With the Wind.  A classic.
7. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.  Redford and Newman together - perfect.
8. LOTR - I'm most partial to parts 1 and 3, but I'm happy to watch the entire trilogy.
9. Cold Comfort Farm.  Kind of a sleeper film, but I grew up in this movie plot during my summers as a kid.  It's funny but also a sort of nostalgia film for me.
10. Raiders of the Lost Ark.  "It's not the years, it's the mileage."

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