Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Ten on Tuesday: 10 Bands (or individuals) You've Seen In Concert

OK - I'll come clean and say that my list is really long.... BUT... I used to work in various venues where we hosted concerts, so I'm not entirely sure it counts if you are working the concert in tech, but I'll hit some highlights.

1.  James Taylor - I actually paid for tickets for this one!  Great show, gorgeous voice, entertaining performer.  One of my favorites.
2.  Pat Benatar - THAT gal has some pipes.  A nice tightly run show.  She and her band had been together a while at that point, and it definitely showed in their performance.
3.  The Kinks - These guys were fun.  They gave a great show and were friendly and approachable backstage.
4.  Huey Lewis and the News - Some of my favorites to work with.  These guys were SO polite and helpful, even to us working minions.  The show was PACKED and they managed to make everyone feel like they were having the best time ever, but also were aware of crowd control and managing the pace of things.  A good group of professionals.
5.  The Everly Brothers - I'm just going to say that singing well is only part of the whole show.  If you are asshole jerks to your fans, that doesn't speak well about you, IMHO.  People PAID MONEY to see you perform - the least you can do is smile and wave when the fans are clamoring for your autograph, even if all you want to do is get on your tour bus.
6.  Jerry Lee Lewis - This guy... wow.. he's wild.  I mean... WILD.  Onstage and offstage.  I was not even 21 when I worked his concert - my older (male) boss wound up running most of the interpersonal interaction in the dressing room.  Which I was totally and completely okay with.  Made my life a lot easier.
7.  Jay Leno - I guess this counts as a concert.  It was a live performance anyway.  He is super down-to-earth and friendly.  His standup is spot-on and funny (I don't think it necessarily carried into TV, but live?  He's hilarous.)   He waived all of his contract things (like food, drinks, limo) and his mom picked him up at the Boston airport in her car, drove him to the venue, and they picked up pizza and soda for him for dinner on the way. How cute is that?
8. Barbara Cook - if you aren't familiar with the name, she's the person who brought many of the roles Shirley Jones did in the movies to live on Broadway first.  Things like The Music Man, Show Boat, and Carousel.  She is an extremely classy lady.  Absolutely gorgeous voice, completely comfortable on stage, lovely, gracious, talented.  She's worked for many years with her arranger and pianist (although they play with a small group on tour) and that close relationship really shows in the performance of their music.
9. Liz Story.  Probably another name you aren't familiar with unless you've been a fan of the Wyndham Hill music label.  Amazing pianist.  Listening to her play is a truly transporting, emotional experience.
10.  Jimmy Page and Robert Plant - BEST.CONCERT.EVER.  That is all.

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