Tuesday, May 13, 2014

10 on Tuesday: 10 Things You Wish You Knew More About

1.  Graphics.  I wish I had a better skill set for things like creating logos, doing layout, creating ads.  Working on it, but definitely a long way to go!
2.  Local plants.  Growing up back east, I spent a lot of time with my gram who loved to garden and knew the names of just about every plant you could point out to her, wild or cultivated.  Things are different here in NM.  Lots of local plants I just am not as familiar with as I'd like.
3.  Mechanics.  Most cars today are all run via computer, but it'd still be nice to know how to take a motor apart and get it back together with a diagnosis of whatever ails it.
4.  Math.  Exciting, I know.  I have a bad math phobia, helped along by a little numbers dyslexia.  I'd love to have an easier approach to dealing with math in all it's forms - I'm not talking quantum physics here - long division would be enough.
5.  Crochet.  I'll admit it - I have really limited skills here. It'd be nice to know something beyond a single chain with some proficiency.
6.  Pastry.  I'm sworn off the carbs, but I've always envied the gorgeous pastry creations in upper end bakeries.  I'd love more skills in that area, just for bragging rights, I guess.  Most pastry confections I've tried have been candidates for the Pinterest boards of shame.
7.  Perfume blending.  A pretty esoteric subject, but I'd love to spend some time learning more about how different scents layer, how you can get each layer to wear at a different rate, and some basics on the craft.
8.  Computer programming.  Just in general.  How the heck do these things work anyway?
9.  Nutrition and metabolics.  My DH is a font of knowledge, having been essentially pre-med with a degree in physiology, but I'd like to know more for myself.
10.  Early 20th century.  I'm fairly well read on most of the 19th century history, but I definitely could use more time spent on the early 1900s, both US and European history.

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