Wednesday, October 7, 2015

WIP Wednesday: October 7, 2015

Here's what I'm working on this week:

Sekret Knitting:

  • Bumping up a lace project to the top of the list that has an early November deadline.  Nicely enough, it'll be the perfect travel project so that will go back and forth to Austin with me this weekend for the Austin Yarn Crawl.  I have started it and I'm just about done the first section. I'll get draft charts and text finished up today to take with me. 
  • Also still working on my next sweater for the shop.  This one will be good down-time knitting so I'll probably take it with me in case (I'm doutbful this will happen, but you never know) I have time to knit while I'm meeting and greeting at The Happy Ewe over the weekend (or more likely, I'm too brain dead to knit much lace).
Personal Knitting:  None on the go right now, but how about an update on my sewing project instead?  (And this may be an ongoing addition to WIP Wednesday since it is a WIP).

Sewing/Quilting:  This week, I got the rest of the fusible applique pieces sewn onto the quilt block and I finished up most of the embroidery details.  Once the sewn/patchwork border blocks are sewn on, I've got some snowflakes to add to the entire thing, but I need to do those once the border is applied.  So the next step on this piece is to get the border blocks sewn and then attached to this larger center block.  

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