Friday, October 30, 2015

Spinning Friday: October 30, 2015

I did finish plying the 2 oz of  mixed BFL "Lagoon" from FatCatKnits.  Another skein of worsted weight 2-ply, with 119 yards.

So added to the current pile for this sweater I'm planning to knit, the stack currently looks like:

The current tentative plan is for a cardigan, and I'll use the natural dark brown for the ribbing and lower portion of the sleeves and body, striped with the 2 contrast colors that are sitting up on top, and then work the body in the variegated "Quest" colorway for the remainder. I still think I might be a bit short on yardage, but we'll see.

I then moved on to another spin.  This one is a gradient pack from Hilltop Cloud.  This is a blend of merino and shetland wool, and flax, that's a custom blend.  I have just under 5 oz to work with in this pack, which is in the colorway "Lake House".

It doesn't look like much since all the interesting color shifts are hidden, but I am done bobbin #1 of the singles:

I've started bobbin #2 and I'll be spinning the rest of the singles up this weekend with any luck!

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